Planned Giving

Planned / Legacy Giving

legacy giving to On Eagle'sWings Ecumenical Ministries Inc. Canada

Why Make a Planned Gift?

Remembering On Eagle’s Wings in your estate can be a great way to ensure that the work you have supported during your lifetime will continue.

Northern children of the future will need to hear the Gospel and know that they are loved!

There may also be several tax advantages to leaving a planned gift to On Eagle’s Wings in your will.

We encourage you to consult your financial planner to learn the best strategies for your situation.


The easiest way of making a planned gift is through your will.  Your bequest can take for the form of

  • a predefined amount of money
  • a percentage of an estate, or
  • a specific asset
Leaving such a gift ensures you will continue to be a blessing to the precious, often forgotten people of Northern Canada.
planned giving through your will
Donate life insurance

Life Insurance

A gift of life insurance can help you make a significant, lasting impact at a relatively low cost.  You can simply name On Eagle’s Wings as the beneficiary, the same way you would a person. 

Some policies provide you with tax savings now, while others do at the time of settling your estate. 


With some limitations, if you gift securities to a charity such as On Eagle’s Wings, you can avoid paying capital gains tax while receiving a tax receipt for the full value of the donated shares.

This benefit applies whether you make the gift now, or as part of your estate.

Planned giving to On Eagle's Wings Ecumenical Ministries Canada

Steps to Take

  • Discuss your plans and values with your spouse or other family members

  • Gather the relevant information and consult your financial planner or lawyer

  • Prepare your will in accordance with the laws of your jurisdiction.  Ensure it is signed, dated and witnessed.  Make sure your loved ones know where it is located.

  • Review your will periodically as your life circumstances and priorities change.

If you would like to know more about planned giving and legacy gifts, feel free to contact us for more information, including the legal name of the charity in the jurisdiction of your estate.

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