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Are You Ready For This?

Every year we run Bible Camps throughout Northern Canada.
We’re talking some pretty remote locations actually!

Teaching Bible Camps (also known as VBS) in the North provides volunteers with a unique chance to share God’s love, and build relationships with children, and adults.

Our volunteers are :

  • 18 – 80 years old
  • enthusiastic
  • mature in their faith
  • team players
  • capable of teaching high energy children
  • comfortable living & working in a culture that is not their own
  • able to identify, encourage and mentor local potential (and existing) leaders
  • sensitive to the needs of others
An On Eagle's Wings Volunteer

Some of our Bible Camp Volunteers

The sum of it all is that I spent my time on the flight home asking God why I'd been singled out for this blessing.
It was a great experience, I loved the kids and their families.
Bible Camp Volunteer, Ontario
fun at On Eagle's Wings Bible Camp in Northern Canada

Quick Facts!

  • Volunteers serve on teams of 2 to 6 people and will be sent to remote villages throughout Northern Canada.

  • Each Bible Camp lasts 1 week (Mon-Fri), with extra days required for travel to and from the communities that invite us.

  • Most camps run in the Summer, between June and the first week of September.

  • Teams are generally hosted by the local community, either in someone’s home, or a church building.

  • On Eagle’s Wings provides a curriculum, and a planning / training workshop in advance.


How much does it cost?
You will need to pay for the following :

  • The costs of your travel to Yellowknife (YZF)
  • $500 Northern Travel Fund donation
  • Cost of your food.

How much is a flight to YZF?
The cost varies with ticket prices charged by the airlines.  You can look at Skyscanner, Kayak or Google Flights to get an idea of how much this part of your trip will cost.

What is the Northern Travel Fund?
The Northern Travel Fund is a donation you make to offset the cost of your flight from YZF to a community (typically $1100-$2700).  We cover the extra costs as a “thank you” for your time volunteering with On Eagle’s Wings.

Do I have to pay for accommodation?
No.  We will host you at no cost at our ministry base in Yellowknife.
When you reach the community, you will be provided accommodation in someone’s home or a church facility.

Do I have to bring my own food?
Yes.  You can choose to bring food items from home, or purchase them in Yellowknife.

Why do I have to bring my own food?
Food prices are much higher in the communities where you will volunteer.  Rather than asking local hosts to absorb the additional expense, we ask you to bring your own supplies.

If you are invited to participate in a local family or community meal, then by all means do so.  You’ll likely experience some new tastes and flavours!

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