Governing Board

Our Governing Board

On Eagle’s Wings is governed by a Board who operate under a Policy Governance model (formerly known as the Carver Governance model).

The Board is comprised of volunteer members from both Canada and the USA.

Every Fall the Board meet in person, in addition to various conference call and video conference meetings throughout the year.

The Board is tasked with :

  • Guiding with wise policies
  • Supporting the Executive Director
  • Leading with clarity
  • Offering time, skills and finances as able
Inuit girl with fish at On Eagle's Wings camp
Canadian Board Members

Current Serving Board Members (Canada)

  • Marilyn Goebel
  • Tara Munn
  • Martina Norwegian
  • Doug Woods
An Inuit young person with 2 children
US board members

Current Serving Board Members (US)

  • Wendy Cusick
  • Stephen Stewart
  • Tim Knauss
Two First Nations children at camp

Interested in serving on the Board?

If you have served with On Eagle’s Wings in the past, and would like to continue having an impact in Northern Canada, perhaps you might be interested in serving on our board.  Contact Us for further information!

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